Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

Uber announced that it was taking the safety factor more seriously in April. The company also directed to the number of upcoming features that would work in sync with its statement earlier. On Wednesday, Uber’s CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi mentioned in the blog it has been keenly focusing on increasing the bar of safety feature with the integration of more safety-related updates.

The first feature that has been integrated is known as Ride Check. It takes help of sensors and GPS in the driver’s smartphone. Uber states that to recognize if the there has been a crash. It will send both the user and driver its Safety ToolKit through its app, confirming if the situation is normal and enabling an option to call 911. The post indicated that the Safety ToolKit and the panic button provided by the company will be accessible to all drivers across Canada and the US.

Ride Check is another function that will identify other factors that depict if an individual is in danger, for example, unexpected and long stop while an ongoing trip.” This situation will also prompt this notification. Even though, if someone happens to be in danger, it would have an easy access to the motions of Uber’s Safety Toolkit options.

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“We intend to expand this technology to more additional scenarios in the coming future,” CEO noted in the post.

The post also revealed about the safety features that with no doubt are crucial but also gives a sense of inexplicably delayed. The company will soon launch its voice-activated commands for drivers, for examples, enabling them an option to chat with users without engaging hands. Moreover, the ride-hailing service provider will also allow both user and driver to chat via the app without revealing their actual number. Uber has also added a totally new yet noteworthy functionality to let the rider request for cross-street feature as a replacement for entering an exact location.

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