Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Tesla Inc., the U.S. automaker, last week was banged with a class-action court case saying that its California manufacture plant is a breeding ground for racist behavior. The court case filed in Oakland in California state court is at least the 3rd filed in 2017 by black employees who claim that they were referred to using racial insults and that the firm ignored their grievances. But last week’s court case, filed by Marcus Vaughn, the former employee of Tesla, is the first to convey those blames in support of a big class of black employees at the Fremont, California factory of the automaker.

Tesla did not reply to a question for comment. The firm is also encountering court cases blaming it of unfairness against older and gay employees. It has refused those blames. Vaughn in the court case claims that he was regularly referred to with the “n-word” by coworkers and supervisors after he started working in April at the factory. He claims that he complained to officials of human resources in writing, but the firm never examined his blames.

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Vaughn claims that in October he was fired for not having an optimistic attitude. He is looking for unspecified injuries below an anti-discrimination law of California. The rising number of discrimination court cases in opposition to Tesla follows as the firm is also encountering a unionization crusade from the UAW (United Auto Workers). In February, Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla, informed the website Gizmodo that a worker, who posted a blog post condemning the firm, was paid to join Tesla by the UAW and work up for a union.

The worker and the union refused that he had been bribed by UAW. Previous month, the union lodged a complaint with a centralized labor board in support of scores of employees who it claims were fired off due to the fact that they back the union. The firm refused the blames and claimed that the move was based on performance reviews of the employee.

Well, for now, we are not aware of who is speaking the truth. Only court will decide this!!!

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