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Global Network Traffic Analyzer Market

The global network traffic analyzer market size is projected to grow from USD 1.9 billion in 2019 to USD 2.5 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.3% during the forecast period. The major factors driving the network traffic analyzer market include the growing need for advanced network management systems to handle the increasing network traffic and complexities.

Global Network Traffic Analyzer Market Definition

A business network is known to generate a massive amount of data daily and network administrators are given a huge responsibility to maintain the smooth operation of their networks. A network traffic analyzer refers to the solution that allows the network administrators to extract data on the traffic or network packets that flow through a network. It comprises tools that help in identifying the problems associated with the performance and allows discovering security problems. Moreover, it helps to detect and respond to various security threats over a network by recording and analyzing the network traffic communication patterns.

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Global Network Traffic Analyzer Market
Global Network Traffic Analyzer Market

COVID-19 impact on “Global Network Traffic Analyzer Market”

The report analyses and includes complete detailed chapter of 50-70 pages about the short term & long terms impact of COVID-19 outbreak on each segment of “Global Network Traffic Analyzer Market” along with government measures to support the sector. It also showcases the current market landscape during COVID, impact of the virus on leading companies, expected demand schedule and supply chain in the industry and other various major factors. This will help you identify those companies that may benefit from this pandemic as well as those that will lose out.

Companies covered :

SolarWinds (US), Netscout (US), Broadcom (US), Nokia (Finland), Opmantek (US), Progress (US), Kentik (US), Colasoft (China), ManageEngine (US), NEC (Japan), NetVizura (Serbia), Plixer (US), MixMode (US), Opsview (UK), Inmon (US), Nagios (US), Corelight (US), Awake (US), IdeaData (Australia), Qosmos (France), Dynatrace (US), Sandvine (Canada), Extrahop (US), LiveAction (US) and LogRhythm (US).

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Network Traffic Analyzer Market, By Component

• Solutions
• Services

Based on Component, the market is bifurcated into Solutions and Services. The solutions segment dominated the component segment in terms of market share. The solution is a combination of sensors, virtual machines, and software that are involved in carrying out network analyzing operations. The solutions collect the data and further enable administrators to overcome network and application issues by determining the cause of slowdowns and downtime.

Network Traffic Analyzer Market, By Deployment Mode

• Physical
• Cloud
• Virtual

Based on Deployment Mode, the market is bifurcated into Physical, Cloud, Virtual. Nowadays, major end players have started implementing Virtualized Network Function Infrastructure (VNFI) on account of easy deployment and scalability. The virtual sensors are usually deployed over virtual machines in the software-defined environment to monitor traffic flow. On the other hand, the cloud segment is gaining popularity and is expected to witness considerable growth during the forecast period.

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Key questions addressed by the report

  • What are the growth opportunities in the network traffic analyzer market?
  • What is the competitive landscape scenario in the market?
  • What are the regulations that are expected to have an impact on the market?
  • How network traffic analyzer solutions and services have evolved from traditional technologies?
  • What are the dynamics of the market?

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