Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Snapchat is on the verge of encountering another blow after the unsuccessful update, as the Chief Strategy Officer, Imran Khan has left the organization.

Every app develops with the passing time and improving technology to offer the users an ease of access. On one hand, proper R&D of the proposed app must be executed to earn a good profit from the same. On the other, if it fails to produce the desired outcome, the share prices may fall drastically. The same happened with Snapchat after it came up with the latest update. After the update, the app has imposed difficulty on the existing users. As a result, people are leaving the platform rapidly. In this case, not only the users, the Chief Strategy Officer has also departed from the company. When asked, a representative from the firm stated that Imran Khan left the organization to grab a better opportunity and not due to the policies of accounting, management, and other concerns.

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The monthly users are depleting at a fast pace and the company has not witnessed profit in the Wall Street for a long time. In fact, the share prices have fallen by 40% since the last year.

The 41-year-old former investment banker has played a crucial role in taking Snapchat to the peak of success after joining the organization in 2015.

However, without the chief member of the business operations and constantly falling number of users, Snapchat may witness a grave scenario. The company may not enjoy profit and also fail to spend on the advertisements.

Not only Mr. Khan but also a few other executives in finance and sales have left the organization in the past few months. Andrew Vollero and Stuart Bowers, the Finance Head and VP of Monetization Engineering respectively have left the organization in May.

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