Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

A government investigator in the island of Cuba has dismissed a theory by the US government that microwave weapons were used to target Canadian and US diplomats. The theory was that concentrated radiation beams were allegedly used to target one among several people inside a room guarded by thick walls and windows. This has been discarded and neurologist Dr. Mitchell Valdes-Sosa, a member of the investigating team, has called it “science fiction”. An earlier theory suggested the use of sonic weapons that used powerful ultrasound waves to cause the injuries. Valdes-Sosa stated that researchers are working to rebut the microwave theory. Previously, apart from denying involvement in the incidents, the government also expressed doubts about the occurrences of the attacks.

A report published in March said that microwaves weren’t the culprit behind the possible brain injuries suffered by Chinese and Cuban diplomats which was rejected by Douglas Smith, the lead author of the study. For the microwaves to work they would to be used from a close distance, said Valdes-Sosa but because none of the diplomats saw their attackers, the theory was unacceptable. One diplomat who was apparently attacked was although reported to have seen a van belonging to a church speed off.

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Cuban government wasn’t blamed for the attacks but they’re held responsible for the flaws in the safe-guarding of the diplomats by US officials. Investigations by Cuba, Canada and America have led to no solid proof that the attacks actually happened. Smith stated on Sunday that apart from microwaves, infrasound and ultrasound were also under study. He described the injuries as probable concussions without histories of head impacts.

2016 and 2017 saw the most number of attacks but a few incidents occurred in 2018 too. Buildings were vigorously searched but no acoustic devices were found leading to the belief that microwave weapons were used and the sounds were used to mask the attacks. No proof exists to back the theory. But scans indicate that brain damages were suffered by the injured.

Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, stated in early-2018 that a Task Force is being established which will be led by John Sullivan and will include representatives from Health and Human Services and Justice Departments. In August 2017, US officials suspected the involvement of a third country, probably Russia owing to its strained relationship with America.

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