Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

An all-American denim brand, Levi’s, made an official stand on gun violence prevention. Chip Bergh, the CEO, wrote a letter that was published in Fortune, explaining the reason which drives him and the company to take the decision.

The decision made by the brand has multifold; first to introduce a Safer Tomorrow Fund, which allows will give permission from Levis to prevent the gun violence in association with the activists and nonprofits; secondly, to partner with Everytown for Gun Safety to develop Everytown Business Leaders for Gun Safety; lastly, double the donation of employee of brand at par with the organization.

Bergh has put an emphasis for the first time of that many are in doubt of that Why should a clothing brand like Levi’s take a step in something which is not at all related to its industry? But the mission of Everytown, the new branch, that is there with a purpose of guiding and encouraging business leaders to take appropriate and required actions. It reads, when you are not going to take a stand for something significant to an individual in its society, then who else will?

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We cannot have a hold on every single issue. But as business brands with some hold in public and political field, we should not simple silently standby and keep ourselves aside from the situation when it is about the things that threaten the very fabric of the society we live in. However, we understand that the stand we took would not be supported by all out there, but doing nothing is not an option anymore.

We cannot safeguard ourselves from every single threat. We cannot shield every place we gather around, be it workplace, schools, churches, shops or malls. But we can surely take measurable steps like background check of an individual’s for all gun sales.

“A lot are expecting that other business leaders might as well follow the lead.”

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