Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Social Networking Sites have admitted that they were very slow in responding to control the meddling of outside campaigning during US elections. They were answering to the legal officers. COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, accepted their slowness in action. Jack Dorsey, chief executive of Twitter also admitted that the social site was not fully ready to confront the situation. Unfortunately, Google was not present at the committee hearing of Senate Intelligence.

 At the start of the proceedings, Mark Warner, a statesman, expressed his disappointment over the non presence of anyone from Google. The hearing started with an agenda to discuss future plans of the social networking size to prevent the repetition of the situation in the elections to come. They were contesting the accusations that during 2016 elections, some actors from Russia and other foreign places were involved in spreading wrong information and publicity on these sites.

Mark Warner said that Twitter and Facebook seem to have made these grave mistakes quite knowingly. He said that they were just stumped by the whole scenario and no action has been taken by either of them even as the election is now over. Warner said that the networking sites are yet to admit that they were at fault. In a warning tone, he added that this could mean new rules by the government for them. He said that from now onwards they possess the full rights to monitor the activities of the technology companies and their term of free reign is bound to stop.

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Questions are also being raised about the improper behavior displayed by Google by not sending its representative for the hearing. Some are saying that Google is not realizing the seriousness of the situation whereas the other view point is that it may be avoiding speculations regarding its impending plans to start operating in China again.

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