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Wondering what an ECG machine is? It stands for Electrocardiography machine which records the electrical activity of heart by placing electrodes on the skin of the region. ECG or electrocardiography machine helps to detect tiny electrical changes taking place on the skin of the heart arising from electrophysiologic pattern of heart muscle during the heart beats. If there is any problem in the electrical activity, it will be detected by the machine. This test is carried out to detect cardiac problem. In the 12-Lead ECG, which was used conventionally, ten electrodes are used or placed onto the chest and limbs of the patient. The electrical potential of heart is measured from 12 different angles and then recorded. There are various brands selling this machine to trace out problem with electrical activity of the human heart.

ECG Machine

The function of ECG machine

Also known as the EKG machine, electrocardiogram shows up electrical activity of the heart as certain line tracings upon the paper. You will notice the dips and spikes also known as the waves. This pattern is monitored by the cardiologist. You already know that the heart is the muscular pump having four different chambers. The upper chambers are addressed as atria while the lower ones are termed as ventricles. If the electrical waves or electrical system is natural, the heart muscles do contract in a natural way. This act of heart muscle contraction leads to the pumping of blood through human heart to the body parts including the lungs. The machine records electrical impulses of the heart in order to create a reading or electrocardiograph used by physicians to know more about the condition of the heart.

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Why is the machine used?

EKG is performed for the following reasons:

  • detect electrical activity of the heart
  • detect the cause of any chest pressure or chest pressure. Chest pain may result from a heart attack or any inflammation of sac around the heart or angina
  • To trace out the various symptoms of heart disease. Some of the symptoms of heart ailment are faints, dizziness, shortness of breath, irregular heart beats
  • to find if the heart chamber walls are thick
  • to find if heart medication is causing any side effect and how well it is working
  • how well the pacemaker functions
  • To check heart health if other issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes are there.

Buying ECG machine

Whether you buy BP machine or EKG machine, certain steps need to be followed:

  • The first and foremost consideration is to think about your budget and needs. Now the machines are affordable owing to advent of the internet. Many manufacturers have come to the market
  • Do considerable research on the machine and then settle for a good deal. Look for service warranty
  • Buy a piece which has keyboard in it. You can enter demographic detail of concerned patient
  • Consider the length and breadth of the paper. Bigger papers are better
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EKG machine is an important diagnostic tool used by the cardiologists. Oxygen concentrator may also be needed if there is not enough oxygen in the blood.

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