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Dhanteras in one of the most noted religious festivals days in India. It officially marks the beginning of the festive Diwali season. The day is celebrated across India to mark the season of prosperity. During dhanteras it is common practice in Indian families to buy gold or silver jewelry. It is an occasion where buying any form of metal, especially valuable metals such as gold and silver is said to bring prosperity and happiness to the entire family.

Nowadays there are a number of different jewelry stores which offer multiple choices of jewelry with different gold design to its customers. Therefore it can be a confusing task for someone to pick out a particular type of jewelry or gold coin to buy during dhanteras. The following options can be opted for by anyone who is looking to buy gold during this auspicious period. 

Different ways to buy gold: 

There are a number of possible ways in which one can buy gold and other precious metals during dhanteras. Some of the common methods are: 

  • Buying gold from retail shops: This is perhaps the most commonly practiced method for buying gold throughout the year, and also during Dhanteras. Customers flock to the retail gold jewelry shops during this festive period. A large collection of different types of gold jewelry is available in most shops, allowing customers to choose a design that is suited to their taste and also meets their budget.
  • Buying gold online: With the changing technology and the increase in Popularity of the internet, more and more customers are using the internet to buy their Jewelry. There are a number of dedicated websites designed towards selling jewelry from different popular brands. They have detailed listings of all forms of available jewelry, from gold necklaces to 10 grams gold bangles designs. Customers can browse through these options from the convenience of their home, and choose a model that they like. It also provides the added advantage of the Jewelry being delivered to the customer at his home. In addition to this websites, most large nationwide retail chains maintain their own websites, which lists all their available jewelry types. Interested customers can browse through the designs from the website and then visit the nearest showroom to buy the product.
  • Buying gold wholesale: While this is not a common practice, buying gold wholesale can be an attractive proposition for anyone else who is looking to buy large quantities of gold during this festive period. Buying gold wholesale allows the customer to avail gold jewelry at significantly discounted prices and allows him to choose multiple designs at the same time.
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While buying gold and other precious metal jewelry is a common practice during the Dhanteras and Diwali period, people are often not sure which type of gold investment to make. With this list of available options for buying gold, one can choose his or her preferred designs for gold jewelry easily.

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