Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

He operates a firm that is a good example for tech innovation, but chairman of Nokia had no doubts regarding going back to school to study extra related to AI (artificial intelligence).

Being 51, Risto Siilasmaa claimed that he enrolled for online courses this summer on AI programming operated by Stanford University. “I understood that I do not have enough deep knowledge on this trend. Now I am back learning programming post 3 Decades,” he claimed to the media this week by email.

“I do not need to turn out to be an AI coder. I need to profoundly realize the limitations and abilities of AI.” Since the beginning of the courses, Siilasmaa claimed that he had briefed the managers and board of the Finnish telecom infrastructure company on the matter. “I need to increase awareness on this, since AI will be a main booster of the current industrial revolution.”

Earlier, the scientists had cache the topic of AI, but now it has taken the attention of companies from financial services to healthcare seeking to employ algorithms to parse information in search of designs to solve issues. Nokia plans to provide more refined software to analyze the loads of information that telecom network providers gather, in order to make more personalized and more powerful services.

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Potential applications of AI from Nokia that have started to launch out this year comprise traffic analysis and troubleshooting network bottlenecks for use in smart cities and driverless cars filled with millions of network-connected devices. Siilasmaa got plaudits for developing the Finnish firm from an ailing mobile handset producer into one of the largest telecoms network equipment producer of the world.

“I have observed that people when doing something are not used to picture the chairman doing the same. This encourages people and inspires them to imagine out of the box,” he further added while talking to the media in an interview. Nokia traded the phone commerce in 2014 to Microsoft, which has hugely discarded the mobile device handset. Name of Nokia lately returned to the handset market through a brand-permitting deal with HMD Global.

Well, we wish all the luck to Nokia.

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