Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

AI-powered smart bands and stride sensors by BolttgoesThe market for wearables has been gaining pace since last few years as people are getting more conscious about their health status. A wearable fitness tech startup, Boltt Sports Technologies, is rolling out its AI-enabled products in India spanning from fitness trackers, stride sensor to the AI-enabled coach. The company will initiate with a pre-order campaign that will allow the interested customers to order from the array of wearables by Boltt at an early bird pricing, whereas the shipping of products will initiate from August.

The Co-founder and CEO of Boltt, Arnav Kishore, said, “So far, all wearables and activity trackers provided data. We are devising to modify that by exploring this data and offering it a meaning.”

The company is concentrating on personalized audio training as a “Fitness companion.” The coach basically exists in the app as a voice and text coach. The hardware and enhanced AI ecosystem of Bolt tsupport the Fitness companion. It offers “implementable” or “actionable” perceptions on the basis of information gathered via the fitness devices such as shoes, stride sensors, and smart bands. The Siri-like voice offers instantaneous in-ear dynamic audio response and coaching, on the basis of real-time training and performance of the users. The chat-based method enables users to see a detailed history and survey of their activity schedule.

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The smart bands or fitness trackers are developed to determine physical movement, track sleep, and provide reminders for extended periods of inactive routines. These combined with Boltt’s app can function as a personalized fitness guide that provides recommendations on users’ nutrition, sleep, running, and other activities. The trackers are said to be obtainable in several attractive colors with swappable straps.

The Connected Sneakers are fixed with sensors that trace the biomechanical information. It is backed with the Boltt Audio AI coach. Any normal shoe can be transformed into a “smart shoe” with the small, enhanced stride sensor. It can analyze the cadence & motion of the user as well as detect individual pace & stride. Instead of making it a compulsion, the fitness tracker assists in making fitness a practice. The Boltt’s app can be combined with over 30 iOS and Android apps.

Boltt’s collection of products will be accessible for pre-order during the “Pre-order campaign” by the company until 12 noon, August 5, via After the pre-order campaign, the products will also be accessible for buying on leading E-commerce portals, including Amazon. The smart shoes are also expected to be rolled out by the company in the following phase.

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