Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

A 7-year-old girl who reportedly died of Dengue in Gurgaon’s private hospital, Fortis, family members were handed an over charged bill of 18 Lakh. The case has been brought to Union Health Minister’s notice.

One of the users on twitter “@DopeFloat” apparently, who is a friend of the girl’s father, tweeted in his post alleging the hospital for overcharging and still not being able to save his friend’s daughter. The hospital demanded 18 Lakh for 15 days for dengue treatment handing over the bill.

Later on Social Media, his tweet went viral and was shared by every other person. “For 15 days, one of my batchmate’s 7-year-old daughter was admitted to Fortis Hospital for Dengue’s treatment. A bill of 18 Lakh, which included 2700 gloves was handed over to my friend.Towards the end she passed away,” he tweeted.

Soon after his post went viral all over social media, on twitter the health minister said, “Kindly provide me the details on [email protected]” and necessary actions will be taken.

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Fortis Hospital meanwhile said, “All the necessary standard medical procedures were followed by the hospital in treating the patient, the hospital adhered to all the medical guidelines also”.

The hospital said, “With severe dengue, the patient was admitted in the hospital, later it progressed to a dengue shock syndrome; it was however managed by IV fluids and supportive treatments as there was an increasing fall in the platelet count as well as hemoconcentration.”

In the statement given by the hospital they said, “Within 48 Hours, she was put on ventilatory support as her condition deteriorated.”

It was on September 14 that the family of the patient decided to take her away from the hospital although it was not advisable seeing her medical condition, against the medical advice, the family took her and she passed away that very day, the hospital said.

At the time the family was leaving, an itemized bill was handed over which was of 20 pages, explaining everything in the bill, said the hospital. The bill claimed, all consumables are clearly mentioned as per records and are charged accordingly.

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