UK Citizens To Be Scrutinized In The U.S From Now On Via “Extreme Vetting Policy”


“Extreme Vetting Policy” is what they call it and a term that has been circulating around global news outlets in the recent weeks. The initiative taken by the new president of the United States of America, to increase scrutiny in the immigration process and thoroughly investigating Muslims arriving and residing in the country, has seen the implication of further regulations to widen the spectrum of his rhetoric.

Security motive

With the turmoil and wars that have been ravaging several regions in the world, specifically in the Middle East, the humanitarian catastrophes has spilled immigrants to most Western Nations.

This phenomenon lies in the core of the populist rhetoric that many right-wing political factions have based their ascendance to power on.

Most of these communities fear the cultural reverberation of the millions of Muslim refugees on their society, especially with the trend of radical Islamic entities infiltrating their countries through those newcomers.

Harsh measures

Mr. Trump has vowed in his presidential campaign to counter the rise of extremist organizations and further intensify the grip of the authorities on arriving and residing immigrants.

In the new procedural framework, security and intelligence agencies absorbed recently vast powers that allow them, even in the case of British citizens according to a US customs and border patrol: “All international travelers arriving to the US are subject to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) inspection. This inspection may include electronic devices such as computers, disks, drives, tapes, mobile phones and other communication devices, cameras, music and other media players and any other electronic or digital devices”

The level of scrutiny has reached unprecedented dimensions that are causing an uproar on the American streets, specifically in the large tourism industry.

The above mentioned officer further clarified the motive saying: “Keeping America safe and enforcing our nation’s laws in an increasingly digital world depends on our ability to lawfully examine all materials entering the US”.

Domestic and international criticism are referring to the uncivil measures the government has been imposing and the significant breach of the civilian private sphere; as new regulations can allow the authorities to require access to all your digital data and passwords.

In light of the global events, most states are intensifying their border controls and immigration process, which is satisfactory for the trend of extreme right-wing groups that demand this since decades.