Trump’s Wall Is Causing Foreign And Domestic Controversy


Another chapter is unfolding concerning the contentious border security measure thought by the new president of the United States of America.

The divisive strongman is persistent on establishing a frontier wall on the southern outskirts of his country with the Central-American state of Mexico.

The controversy in this motion is based on the clause implied by the Republican autocrat to charge the latter with the construction bill of his entire vision.

The decorative remarks he added when he made his political will official, displayed the new security act to be a counter-measure to the “rapists, killers, drug dealers etc…” constituting the majority of immigrant influx of Mexicans.

Lacking funds and congress approval

Disregarding the foreign politics dilemma it is provoking, a turbulent atmosphere is reigning over Capitol Hill in the recent weeks.

The head of state and his White House cronies are exerting pressure on their fellow Republican congressman to implement the menace of a government shutdown forcing the regime to succumb to the initiative and provide the executive branch with the legislative approval to acquire the funds necessary to trigger their campaign promise.

In desperate need of approval

The recently appointed leader of the United States of America wants to symbolize his first 100 days in office with a “great accomplishment” following the shameful downturn of his Health Care replacement act.

The state leader is in desperate need of a legislative accomplishment as he has been in a strangled relation with his opposition, as well as with several factions of the party he ran under its auspices.

Meddled in a multitude of allegations and being investigated by a number of watchdog and intelligence communities, the president is lacking the public approval that can see him continue in office, fearing the possibility of impeachment in light of the public uproar.