Trump Sends His Condolences To The French Nation After Shooting Kills And Injures Another Police Officer In Paris


A devastating shooting incident just occurred in the city center of Paris in the champs Elyse’s, resulting in the fatal loss of one security forces officer and the lethal injury of one, remaining under a great risk of life loss.

The aspects of the assault were guarded by the French interior ministry until now, leaving no space for any media outlets to dig and collect information to reveal to the public. Another simultaneous attack has taken place in the same city with barely and data released about it in the current time.

The total number of casualties was remaining a wild guess of the reporters, taking from the testimony of witnesses as much intelligence as they could provide.

The silence broke with a statement of the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant claiming responsibility for the tragedy, identifying the murderer as one of their followers, namely “Abu Yusuf al-Beljiiki”, known to the French authorities as a flagged extremist candidate.

Trump repeats his usual comments

The president of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump, expressed his mourning and grief with the French nation, enforcing the strong ties that his country is ready to bolster with France in the fight against radical entities.

The statement of the American head of state, during a press conference with the Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni, saw the earlier commenting on the terrorist event: “what can you say, it never ends. We have to be strong and be vigilant”

Radicalized France

This comes in the midst of the French presidential elections, which have seen a tense first round unfold with a deeply devised electoral base.

The rise of extreme right wing populist parties is a phenomenon that has been spreading across the North-Atlantic, fueling radicalism in all its forms and colors as well as inciting xenophobic and racist motions.