Trump Administration Hides White House Visitor Log


Privacy concerns in the Oval Office are being escalated in the midst of security concerns facing the current administration.

What was formerly known as the Workers and Visitors Entry System, has been considered by the previous Obama authority as a public information right.

The procedure lists all the visitors entering the main U.S. Governmental office, as the former president released six million records under his era.

Under the umbrella of the U.S. secret service, a three month speculation of the Trump authorities, have resulted in turning the log into a classified file, not accessible to the public.

A matter of “National security”

A federal court decision is at the base of the amendment, ruling that the categorization of the information would fall under “presidential records” and would therefore not be a matter of the Freedom of Information Act.

Citing the communication director of the White House, Michael Dubke, explaining the dimensions behind reversing the preceding president’s decision: “the grave national security risks and privacy concerns of the hundreds of thousands of visitors annually”.

The new legislation would impose the documents to be kept classified, expiring five years after a president leaves office, while the custody of the files remains an enigma to the public.

Legacy overturned

The legacy of Mr. Barack Obama forming, what he called the “most transparent administration in history”, is taking a U turn in light of the shady Trump agency that uses security concerns as a way to hide most records from the public.

The new head of state is being investigated and scrutinized by various watchdog agencies and is accused by the public frequently of “illegal and unethical” conduct through his business ventures and public roles.

Experts and analyst forecast the new mandate to come under heavy criticism and to inflame the already risky unrest on the streets of the country.