Trump’s Political Actions Spread Tension Globally And Threaten With War


Political tension across all continents and waters of the planet, mostly directly related to the United States of America, are technically threatening the existence of the entire human race.

With most of the sides in ongoing conflicts being harbored under the umbrella of either Russia or the United States, the proxy battles could soon result in a direct confrontation between the two nuclear super powers.

Each having a nuclear arsenal that exceeds thousands and thousands of warheads, a war between the two gigantic militaries could mark the end of our earth.

Countering Russia

The new leader of the “Free World”, Mr. Donald Trump, seems not afraid to intensify the political pressure on his Russian counterpart and pursue a more aggressive strategy then his predecessors.  The operational angles of the American Armed Forces have been widened up and further emboldened to coop with the potential escalations that will result from the foreign policy emitted from the White House. The provocative expansionary strategy implemented by the controversial Russian president, Mr. Vladimir Putin, is prompting contentious counter-measures from the Americans to preserve their global hegemony.

Population in the dark

International and domestic media conglomerates are already failing to keep up with most of the political struggles happening around the world and prioritize the bestselling stories that fit in the national interest.

Eventually, the public is in the dark about several clashes their country is involved in, committing at times disastrous decisions and causing high amounts of “collateral damage”.

The Trump administration has planned to further obscure their nation by disclosing the amount of additional troops that they are sending overseas to fight.

Escalations and military interventions in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and North Korea are the titles of the new American century, as their outcome will determine the status that the global power will either enjoy or mourn about for decades to come.