The woman who is Trump’s new transportation secretary


President-elect Donald Trump is continuing to fill his top table. The entrepreneur, who takes the keys to the White House in the New Year, has now announced that Elaine Chao will be heading up his Department of Transportation.

In a statement released by the former reality star, he said that her long record of strong leadership along with her expertise would be invaluable as the Republican government pushed forward to rebuild US infrastructure in a cost effective manner.

It is a key role in Mr Trump’s team, given that he ran his election campaign with promises to plough a $1 trillion investment into infrastructure. He has restated his aims, following his shock victory against rival Hillary Clinton, by saying he will make infrastructure a priority during his first 100 days as president of America.

As a result of Secretary Chao’s record at the Labor Department, it is believed she will seek to move responsibility for safety regulation from the government to individual states where possible.


Ms Chao, meanwhile, has said she is looking forward to getting stuck into her role following the clear vision put forward by Mr Trump to improve US infrastructure, in a bid to grow the economy and productivity, providing well-paid jobs across America.

The 63-year-old was the Labor Secretary during President George W. Bush’s regime and she is making history as the first Asian-American woman to serve in a president’s Cabinet. Mr Trump has always refuted any claims that he is racist, despite his tough stance on immigration, and he is seeking to show that his actions can speak louder than his words by recruiting a diverse cabinet.

Ms Chao’s major challenge will be to make sure that the government keeps up to speed with modern technology, such as drones and self-driving cars, which promise to chance the shape of aviation and the automotive sector.