Renowned Academic, Allan Lichtman, Predicts Trumps Rise To Power As Well As 8 Preceding Elections


“Justice will be realized in today’s America not through revolution, but by the Constitution’s peaceful remedy of impeachment. But only if the people demand it!” This is how Allan Lichtman, an American political historian who teaches at American University in Washington, D.C has concluded his long-awaited book release “The Case for Impeachment”.

Having baffled the nation, by developing an algorithm that would measure factors surrounding the reputation of the party in charge of the Oval Office, the renown academic has forecasted the outcome of the eight preceding presidential elections; including Trump’s ascendance to power.

Stunning prediction

The unlikely odds surrounding the electoral prevailing of the current head of nation and the correct forecast provided by Mr.Lichtman’s formula, captivated the admiration of experts and analysts.

The professor is not planning to curb this recognition with his new publication. He elaborated in this piece his vision and recipe towards the failure of Mr. Donald Trump, ironically after he projected his arrival to the presidential post.

Too happy too soon

The state leader himself was pleased by the initial anticipation and transmitted his pleasing to the author, as the latter mentions in his new work: “Taking time out of preparing to become the world’s most powerful leader, he wrote me a personal note, saying ‘Professor — Congrats — good call”. He added with a sarcastic undertone: “What Trump overlooked, however, was my ‘next big prediction’: that, after winning the presidency, he would be impeached”

Analyzing the trend of past presidential impeachments and the policies they have pursued in their period in office, especially the ones that led to the removal; the political historian is once again developing a prescription to the faith of the current “leader of the free world”.