Nancy Pelosi Rules the House Again!


House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi will lead the Democratic caucus once again!

The California representative of the Democratic party has won the coveted position for the 8th time.  She was once again selected as the minority leader in the house of representative.

Fighting off a spirited challenge from Representative Tim Ryan, a Democrat from Ohio, she won 134 votes against her challenger’s 63 votes. Her stewardship of the Democratic Party was once again challenged, but she prevailed in a contest that was purely based on a vote of confidence in her leadership of the establishment.

Representative Tim Ryan launched a spirited bid after the dismal results of the recently concluded November election. The party’s loss in several key swing states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan has served as a referendum on the party.

Many seasoned party representatives have voiced their concerns that the Democratic Party have grown out of touch with middle and working class voters. The recent challenge to Pelosi came after 14 years of discontent with her stewardship.

Obviously there is a rift in the party as a third of the caucus thrown their support to Ryan, who had no major political or policy experience.  Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) won the deputy leadership 15 years ago, and became the first female speaker of the Democratic Party.

Rep. Pelosi had faced many challenges with many of her party insider vowing that this would be her last term as the leader. The challenge from Rep. Ryan will force Nancy Pelosi to incorporate a more inclusive leadership style as well as force her to promote junior lawmakers in the party.

The challenger, seven time lawmaker, Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) was very encouraged by the support he received from members of the Democratic establishment. He noted that this will serve as an onus on the party’s economic agenda, also vowing that this will now move the Democratic party to appeal to voters right across the country.