Interrupted For 34 years, The First Presidential Speech Is Awaited By The NRA


April 27th is to witness President Trump‘s speech at the national rifle association (NRA), an event that has not taken place since Ronald Reagan‘s administration.

The massive convention is expected to hold around 80000 people and last for 3 days.

The new head of state is taken various unprecedented initiatives, attempting what he labels as “Make America great again”.

The new head of state is holding on his campaign promises to defend the constitutional 2nd amendment as a fundamental right the Americans have built their country on.

Trump and the second amendment

After Trump had announced his strong support to “the right to carry guns “

and his opposition to “gun free zones “, the NRA found common ground with the GOP candidate, providing financial support for his presidential campaign.

Moreover in a controversial move, Trump incited fanatics of the second amendment, to take action against Hilary Clinton, a drive viewed as an act of violence by Clinton supporters and denied by Trump. Neil Gorsuch officially stated that Trump is to sign a decree, overturning an Obama- era legislation blocking gun sales to mentally unstable people.

Trumps upcoming speech is received by cordial welcomes

Jennifer Baker, a strategist for NRA expressed her anticipation and excitement, awaiting trump’s speech that would mark the first of its kind since after Ronald Reagan’s agency.

Since George H.W Bush dropped his NRA membership following an organizational letter describing some federal agents as “Jack-booted thugs”, the NRA has since been starving for a presidential attendance.

The last senior official to have held a word at this lethal American association has been Dick Cheney, back the Vice-President, in 2004. Trump will be expecting massive support from them and their cooperation in his future ambitions and goals.