How was no one hurt? Train hurtles into car at 100mph


Police investigating a train crash say it was a miracle no one was hurt. A train which was travelling at speeds of 100mph smashed into a car which had stopped at a level crossing.

The Virgin train ploughed into a small hatchback vehicle at the crossing in Cleghorn in South Lanarkshire on Saturday. While it is not clear whey the car had stopped on the crossing, thankfully, the people in the car managed to get out before the train struck. The car was then dragged by the train for 80 years.

The train had 77 passengers on board and was heading for Glasgow, Scotland, at the time of the incident. British Transport Police (BTP) say they are now probing the accident, but believe that driver error is the most likely cause. It is not yet known whether the car broke down at the level crossing or whether the driver tried to get through without leaving enough time to do so.


Inspector Brian McAleese said that police officers were called to the accident and that their first priority was to make sure train and car passengers were safe. He added: “It’s miraculous, there were 77 passengers on the train and three people in the vehicle so it’s a miracle no one was injured in this circumstance and the train wasn’t derailed.”

He urged anyone using a crossing to pay head to signs and warnings and make sure they adhered to all advice. The inspector said he believed a more serious accident did not happen only because the vehicle involved was small and the train was able to push it out of the way.

The little Peugeot 107 could be seen stuck under the train following the accident. Engineers worked to remove the vehicle using cutters in an operations which took several hours. The train suffered minor damage in the incident.