Hate Crimes “Inspired by Trump” Are Spreading Across The Nation


The trend of increased hate-crime across all 50 states of the United States of America, has been a tangible phenomenon since the Trump campaign has seen the light of day.

The president has, during his presidential campaign, awaken the unspoken and deeply buried ideologies in the white-race of the American nation. His followers vary from moderate conservatives all the way to extreme right-wing nationalists.

During Trump rallies, several incidents displayed the xenophobic and racist criteria’s of his electoral base with shaking images going viral on all communication platforms inside and outside the country.

Trump inspiration

An assault, of the many ones that took place in the Trump assemblies, stayed buried in people’s minds and has been circulating in news outlets as a concern of the public opinion.

A war veteran of the U.S Armed Forces has bullied and physically attacked a black woman in a Trump rally, provoking outrage across the nation.

The 75-year-old man, at the Louisville rally in Kentucky, was filmed taking an aggressive stance towards the woman, being supported and praised by the surrounding audience. In a lawsuit taken against him, Mr.Alvin Bamberger, has stipulated: “he did so in response to — and inspired by — Trump and/or the Trump campaign’s urging to remove the protesters”

Presidential immunity

Judicial agencies have been attempting to take these incidents from a different angle, turning the accusation not on the individuals but on the head of state, Mr. Donald Trump, being the inciter and main inspiratory behind all the hate emotions spreading across the country.

The attorneys of the head of Oval Office rebutted the allegations, demanding in the judicial platform to drop the cases under the basis that their client is: “immune from suit because he is President”.