Google Maps Gets A New Look


Internet search behemoth Google’s one of the most normally employed service Google Maps has went through a huge revamp this week and also comprises of additional features.

These modifications will be launched out over the upcoming couple of weeks in all Google items that integrate Google Maps, comprising the Search, Assistant, Android Auto, and Earth, claimed the firm in a blog post. Over a period of time, the new style will also come into view in the websites, apps, and experiences provided by firms that employ Google Maps APIs too, Google further claimed to the media in an interview.

As fraction of the renovation of the design, the app will have an upgraded navigation, driving, transit, and will explore maps to better underline the data that is most relevant to each search. For example, train stations for transit and gas stations for navigation. The app now sports designated icon and color for places such as a church, cafe, and museum, and has a new color system.

As for the extra functions, you will now be allowed to see modifications such as businesses open, roads close, or local events happening in your neighborhood. Also, when you get a reservation confirmation in Gmail, calendar an event employing Google Calendar, or include a restaurant to your list of “Want to Go”, Google Maps will now mirror that as well.

Lately, Google declared that it is launching out a function that will display you the expected wait-time on Google Search at your favorite eating places followed by Maps. Wait-time predictions are based on anonymized historical information similar to how Google calculates the earlier launched “Visit Duration” and “Popular Times” features. To view the wait times for almost thousands of millions of sit-down hangouts all over the world that permit walk-ins, just hunt for the restaurant on Google, unlock the business listing, and roll down to the section of “Popular Times.”

Well, for now, Google will be rolling out the refurbished Google Maps for its users. So friends, do not miss the upgrade and update your app as soon as possible. Let us know your thoughts on the new app.