Diwali Wishes For The Indian Soldiers


The reason that we are celebrating our Diwali joyfully is owing to the fact that the Indian soldiers are protecting us and our country from the predators. The Indian jawans sacrifice their complete life for the security of our country. Their family members celebrate the festival without their loved ones around them. The Indian soldiers rarely get an opportunity to celebrate any of the festivals. It is quite sad to know that India which is the country where many festivals are celebrated our soldiers hardly get any chance to celebrate these festivals.

Many famous celebrities take initiatives and send message dedicated to the Indian Army. So this year let us greet them Diwali with some beautiful messages.

To all our Indian Soldiers,
Here’s wishing you a very happy & prosperous Diwali.
I would like to thank all of you for protecting us & our nation from the enemies.
Your sacrifices will be always remembered by us & generations to come.
We will always remember you in our prayers.
We are proud of you & your family who allow you to do this noble cause.
We salute the mothers that have given birth to such great superheroes in real life.
Once again, thanks & have a delightful and healthy Diwali.
Jai Hind!

Happy Diwali to our Great Indian Army
Being an Indian always makes me proud
I am also proud of our Indian soldiers and their dedication
I thank you for our today and our future
It is because of you that we are celebrating Diwali with joy and pomp
I wish you and your family members a prosperous Diwali
You all are our real superheroes
May God grant you will good health and wisdom
Let your power and strength increase day by day
A grand salute to all our soldiers
Jai Hind!!!

Small yet a very powerful message for the Indian soldiers:

A hearty salute to all the great soldiers of our country; you protect us day and night, you do your jobs standing at the border be it day or night. No storm or flood can ever stop you. You will always remain in our prayers. Happy Diwali to the sons and daughters of Bharatmata. We are proud of you.