Class 11 Student Detained By CBI In Gurgaon Schoolboy Murder


A senior student has been detained by CBI, in a sudden shocking new twist in the murder of a seven-year-old boy in the toilet of Gurgoan’s Rayan International School.

On September 8, Pradyuman Thakur was found murdered with his throat slit, and a class 11th student is being suspected in this murder case. Last evening, the class 11th student was detained and now he will be presented before the court for Juvenile.

The father of class 11th boy is denying from the charges put on his son. “My son was arrested last night by CBI, and he was forced to confess, murdering the child. My son has not murdered Pradyuman, in fact he was the one who had informed teachers and the gardener about the murder.”

If sources were to be believed, the student was seen entering the washroom along with Pradyuman, but he was also the first person to see Pradyuman’s body.

The motive of murder is not yet clear. In past few days, several times the student has been questioned. His statement kept changing every time. But, apparently yesterday he confessed about the murder.

Earlier the conductor of the bus was arrested and was accused of the murder, which was shocking for the entire nation and as a result, it compelled all the schools to take necessary safety measures ensuring safety of their students. The police also recorded the confession from Ashok Kumar who said that because Pradyuman resisted to the sexual assault he was killed.

In the recent footage that was extracted from the school, the class 2 student Pradyuman was seen crawling out the washroom with his throat slit. With his blood pooling all around him; he collapsed next to a wall. Not long after his father dropped him off to school, his body was found around 8 am.

Accusing the school authorities, Pradyuman’s parents said the school has been covering up the incident and, they said the police has also not done their job properly and have shown carelessness towards the murder case of their child. Haryana Government has asked the CBI to investigate the murder of class 2 student after coming under the pressure of the parents.