Chandigarh –Self Drive to Explore


Chandigarh is one of the most important cultural hubs of North India and is known for its unique architecture. It is a big city and also regarded as a gateway to many Himalayan destinations. For those who visit the city, driving around on one’s own terms is the best way to travel – compared to spotty public transport and expensive cabs.

Self Drive to Explore

Attractions of the City

There is a lot to see in Chandigarh. The Capitol Complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its monuments and buildings attract connoisseurs of architecture from far and wide. Highlights include the Palace of Assembly, the Tower of Shadows, the Geometric Hill and one of the most recognizable symbols of Chandigarh – the Open Hand Monument. Sukhna Lake boasts a dramatic backdrop of low hills and this tranquil spot is a favoured spot for early morning joggers and during winter months provides a good stage for bird watching. The Rock Garden in Chandigarh is another perfect example of how junk can be turned into beauty. The various monuments and installations here have been crafted from waste materials like bottles, pipes and ceramic. An artificial waterfall adds to the allure of the Rock Garden.

Informed travellers choose self drive online taxi booking in Chandigarh for a bespoke and private experience where they can go beyond the regular tourist trail. There are some picturesque locations just outside the city, a short drive away. One of these is Morni Hills, known for its lakes and verdant surroundings. Chandigarh is very close to Himachal Pradesh and its alpine attractions. Self drive rentals with all-India permits are the best way to travel to the mountain state.

Why Rentals?

Rental cars offer privacy and complete freedom over the routes and pace of journey, something that cannot be experienced with public transport or regular taxis. Late night travel can be accomplished without a fuss and routes can be changed at will. Many solo travellers, women travellers and those with families are choosing the rental route because of these assurances. It is quite easy to book a self drive cab. Platforms like Zoomcar are app and website based and they also offer 24/7 on-road support for added security. Self drive online cab booking in Chandigarh is ideal for those who want an end-to-end transport solution. Many tourists and business travellers book their rentals at the airport and have a car at their disposal for the entire trip. The return journey is sorted out too, as one just needs to drop the car off at the airport before catching the flight.

Chandigarh is a fascinating Indian city, a benchmark of planning and design. It is also a fast-growing commercial and academic hub, attracting thousands of visitors every day. Driving around in a rental car is the best way to enjoy this city.