An Early Christmas For Nigerian Government: 12 Jet Planes To Be Sold By Trump


A blessing from the American president gave the media room for comments on its allegedly unethical background. A weapons sale bill to the Nigerian government was blessed by Mr. Donald J Trump recently and has currently reached the congress floor to be legitimized.

A deal would have the African state lay hand on 12 Embraer A-29 Super Tucano aircraft at the price of $600 million. Noise initiated by this military contract has resonated in the past days over the brutality of human rights abuses of the Nigerian government.

Reality is not promising

The situation in Nigeria is at critical levels, where the country is falling in an economic down spiral and witnesses a turbulent political unrest. The facts on the ground display a crash in the currency rate, soaring inflation, significant poverty, alarming famine, vicious corruption, high crime and radical militias.

The nation that is in direct confrontation with the most dangerous extremist organization in the world, Islamic State of Syria and the Levant aka Boko Haram, is run by the vice president that is replacing the ill leader; on medical-treatment in London.

In an ethnically diverse state, consisted mostly of Muslims and Christian as well as other minorities, the current Muslim president and his cronies use harsh means to handle their people.

ISIL is priority to oppressiveness

U.S high officials, including several congressman, have raised concerns over the amplifications that the weapons could cause. They based their forecast on the bloody “collateral damage” that results from the clashes of the Nigerian government with terrorists and opposition; as well as their human rights and civil liberty abuses.

In retrospective, other seniors on the congress floor urged the necessity of providing all means for the nations that are combatting ISIL, no matter what the human right abuses or corruption or failing governance. Their argument was motivated by national security interest the United States of America.