American/North Korean Escalation Sees Exchanged Threats Intensifying


Headlines in the recent weeks have been highlighting the North-Korean and United States of America in escalation in an intensified manner, reflecting the current diplomatic strangling that is occurring between the two nuclear nations.

The latter has recently seen the ascendance to power of an unpredictable real estate mogul, Mr. Donald Trump, to take over the country with the largest nuclear capabilities and Armed forces in the entire world.

The other has been since the Second World War, an isolated state that is run by a fascist autocratic regime that doesn’t engage with most countries in the planet and, in fact, alienates most of them and spreads a discourse of hate towards the world; stipulating their superiority as a race over all other human beings.

Never got along

The combination of these two nations is a headache to all diplomats and politicians over the course of the last half a century.

Recently, the American head of state initiated a diplomatic escalation with his North Korean counterpart to force him to succumb under his global hegemony, in light of his nuclear technology advancements and tests, by which he threatens various allies of the United States including them.

After striking a Syrian airbase and launching the “Mother of All Bombs” in Afghanistan, in the same week, the new head of the White House ordered his powerful U.S Navy “USS Carl Vinson” to sail towards the North Pacific and roam in the waters surrounding their enemy state.

Threats and more threats

“We are sending an armada. Very powerful. We have submarines. Very powerful. Far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. That I can tell you.”

These were the words of the U.S president after the global media realized that the aircraft carrier destined to threaten the North Korean nation didn’t sail towards its destination.

The media propaganda of the North Korean leader, in a provocative manner, has since been displaying to their nation the efficiency of their counter-weapons and how they will nuke and strike any U.S navy or military unit that could dare to harm their country.