1.2 million euro fine slapped on Facebook by Spanish data regulator


Facebook has been slapped with a penalty of 1.2 million euro ($1.44 Million) by the data protection regulator of Spain for failing to stop the data of its users being accessed by advertisers. The social media giant has gathered its users’ personal information in Spain without gaining their “unequivocal consent” as well as without notifying them how such data would be utilized, as stated by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

The statement mentioned, “Facebook gathers information on sex, navigation, ideology, personal tastes, or religious beliefs without plainly telling about the purpose and use that it will give them.” The supervisory body said the privacy policy of Facebook “comprises unclear and generic terms” and also “does not satisfactorily gather the consent of its users as well as nonusers, which represents a severe violation” of data protection regulations.

The watchdog also stated that Facebook didn’t even pull out the personal information—gathered by it—from their database on request by a user for it. So, the agency fined the firm 600,000 Euros for an extremely severe infringement of the data protection rules of the country and 300,000 Euros each for 2 severe breaches.

The fine of 1.2 million euro is small given that the firm which posted advertising profits of $9.2 Billion in the 2nd quarter, essentially from the mobile video ad sales. Facebook was also fined 150,000 Euros in May by the data protection agency of for failing to avert the data of its users being accessed by advertisers after a 2-year probing.

It said that Facebook had created “a huge collection of personal information of Internet users so to present targeted advertising”. Also, Dutch, German, and Belgian governments are seeking how Facebook collects and uses information concerned with their citizens, as per the data protection agency of Spain.

A “contact group”—involving the Spanish data protection organization and its counterparts in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, & Germany—has been created at the European level to guard the individual information of Facebook users. The social network of Facebook, now with a monthly active user base of 2.01 Billion, is progressively driving sales rapidly compared to other technology giants.